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Howdy! I'm just a guy who wants to make people smile with my work! I love color and warm happy vibes, which is a recurring theme in my art!

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Howdy, everyone! I'm GamingGoru, but you can call me Gigi!

I'm a digital artist who started on DeviantArt back in 2013. I haven't had any professional training starting off and I never went to any major art schools. I taught myself through online tutorials and studied some of my favorite artists' works. I eventually took some online courses and learnt some useful tips that I never would have known on my own. My art may not be perfect, but I'm willing to learn and grow as an artist.

I used to be on Newgrounds back in the mid 2000's to play games and watch animations made by other people, so I do have a nostalgic connection with this site!

I am particularly a big fan of anime, and I like to incorporate an anime style in my art, like an "East meets West" sort of thing! Haha!

I also love cartoons and animated films, are a lot of great cartoons and films that really helped shape me the way I am today! I love seeing different styles, worlds and stories through the eyes of different creators' and to be able to see things in their own unique way. I want to be able to do that too, which is why I really want to become an animator so I can express my creativity to the world!

I'm looking forward to posting my works here with all of you! ;)

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